Acountia is a business consulting and accounting international brand that, for 21 years, has built a unique image of solidity and responsibility in the accounting area in Portugal


Acountia is an international business consulting and accounting brand that, for 21 years, has built a unique solid and responsible image in the accounting area in Portugal, having 40 international offices, 200 professionals and a portfolio of more than 3.000 corporate clients.

Acountia provides ongoing support in the detection and resolution of problems. We offer our clients organized and prompt financial information, supplemented with management advice in all decision-making, whether it is economic or financial.

To our clients we are a partner who advises in all business management decisions, being a first-level partner to solve problems and find solutions.


Our mission is to transform the business world through management advice and leadership development, contributing to society’s evolution through companies’ development.

Acountia’s difference is in its positioning:

We transform work into a success commitment

We transform work into a success commitment

We transform support into a trust commitment

These are the values that we should transmit every day to the people that choose us: a set of charismatic words that reinforce the effectiveness of numbers.


Acountia is a Onebiz Group brand, the franchising leader in Portugal, which has currently 500 partners, spread across 31 countries, with a global portfolio of nearly 120.000 clients. Its philosophy is based on innovation, strategic partnerships of added value and permanent leadership promotion, as well as ongoing training of its employees and partners, having the provided service as the differentiating key element.