Acountia is the first brand in the accounting area with a certificaded franchising system
10 of March , 2016

Acountia updates the franchising service certification in 2016, highlighting itself for the fourth consecutive year in this area.

This certification places Acountia at the front line of franchising, and aspects such as: the franchising agreement, the evaluation and treatment of applications, the initial and continuous training, the corporate image, the network strategic planning and the maintenance of the concept were all minutely audited.

The franchising certification, attributed by EIC (International Certification Company), accredited by the Portuguese Institute of Quality (according to the technical specification ET 01 05), ensures the right procedures and proper work practices of Franchising, according to the European Code of Deontology and the principals that rules the quality certifications.

Ms. Joana Pinto, Acountia Brand Manager, refers that “the renovation of the certification recognizes our transparency and good franchising practices policy, from the first contact with the potential partner until the business monitoring. It is a tool that launches us to the front line and excellence of a Franchising business and allows us a great level of differentiation thorough the quality, ensured by external and independent entities. Simultaneously, evaluates and analyses practices that we already carry out, which reinforces our responsibility as franchisor. A potential partner feels more confident knowing that our franchising system is certificated and, once more, renovated”.

To renovate the certification, Acountia had to prove that the brand has maintained and obeyed rigorously several requirements, from the organizational assumptions, that guaranties the fulfilment of the certification characteristics, to the partners or clients complaints treatment methodology. “All the franchising application process has been audited until the opening of an office, as well as the support provided to all Acountia franchisees. Through this last point Acountia was distinguished by closely monitoring the franchisees problems, as well the support provided the network”, emphasises Ms. Pinto.

It should be also highlighted the maintenance, protection and evolution of Acountia franchising concept, currently the network has over 40 offices, and is the first and only brand in the Accounting and Consulting area to have a certificated franchising system in Portugal.


Acountia is an international business consulting and accounting brand that, for over 17 years, has built a unique solid and responsible image in the accounting area in Portugal, having over 40 international offices, 200 professionals and a portfolio of more than 3.000 corporate clients. Acountia is present in several countries such as: Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, Brazil and Macau.

Matosinhos, 10th of March, 2016

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Mrs. Joana Carvalho

Communication Department - Acountia