Acountia launches a new publicity campaign
22 of February , 2016

Acountia launches today a new publicity campaign that is divided into the three business pillars: Consultancy, Accounting and Management Support.

The goal of the campaign is to promote “the three major business areas of Acountia: consultancy, accounting and management support. This campaign intends to reinforce Acountia’s positioning with its target”, says Joana Carvalho, Acountia’s Marketing Manager.

This campaign stands out by associating images through analogies: “the lighthouse takes us immediately to a safe port, it orients us to shelter and safety, feelings that Acountia wants its Clients to feel. In terms of management support, we bet on the plant growing from a dried out piece of wood, with translates into the evolution of the wood and plant itself, through in  an arid soil that makes it difficult for the plant to grow –  but that still is able to evolve, representing the progress of our Clients’ companies. In terms of consultancy, we couldn’t leave out the financial reports, exemplifying the most detailed reports made by our partners”, mentions the Marketing Manager of Acountia.

After the brand consolidation, “witch currently leads the ranking of services for companies in the accountancy area, Acountia has been feeling the growing demand for accounting, consultancy and management support services, not only due to the crisis, but also because of the fact that entrepreneurs are, now-a-days, more sensitive to decision making through professional counseling”, points out Acountia’s Marketing Manager.

This campaigns intends to show that “the focus of Acountia is to make our Clients more productive and, with that, more competitive in their operating segments”, says the Marketing Manager.

The campaign is intended for a target of “entrepreneurs that are interested in maintaining their companies leadership in the market, or to start outlining the path to achieve such leadership”, highlights Joana Carvalho.