Acountia leads the service ranking for companies in the area of accounting
07 of February , 2016

Acountia has moved up its position in comparison with the previous year, conquering the third place in the service ranking for companies and mixed.

The reason for continuing to smile stands, in 2015 Acountia was in 20th place in the national ranking and this year moves up five positions, after rough years with the impact caused by the financial crisis. Joana Pinto, Brand Manager, and points out that the partners are the ones that allow this performance: “They are the brand’s engine and, together with the Master’s work, they have kept the brand’s trust, responsibility, discipline, commitment and leadership”.

The service market has been marked by the growing demand, due to, not only because of the crises, but also due to the fact that today, the clients are more aware in decision making with professional counselling. In this sense, Acountia leads the Top 10 in the area of accounting, showing how important are its services. Increasingly, “in Acountia, it is visible the need and demand from the Portuguese business man of Acountia’s services. In times likes, management support is essential to maintain the entrepreneurial fabric, from micro companies to small and medium ones, and in this way, Acountia has been the right hand of its clients by being by their side, advising them in making better decisions for their business, “explains Joana Pinto.

Acountia it confident about the future, the reflection of a good performance and the positive signs seen in 2015 “for our experience, we believe that, to success in this sector, the specialization and associating to a credible brand is fundamental for success”, says Joana Pinto.

Source: Instituto de Informação e Franchising