Acountia’s 5 th National Convention
22 of January , 2016

On 21 November, Bom Sucesso Resort, in Óbidos, hosted Acountia’s V National Convention.

During Acountia’s 5th Convention, the results achieved during 2015 were analysed and the goals for 2016 were established, several themes that concern internal questions were debated and lived experiences during the year were shared.

 2015 has been a special year due to the changes that were made to the network, both internal and external. Joana Pinto, Acountia’s Brand Manager, says that “seeing such a network that is so united and that is trying to achieve common objectives is rewarding, not only for me and the Acountia Master’s team, but also for all the collaborators and partners that have proven, once again, their dedication and devotion to Acountia”. Pedro Santos, Onebiz Group’s Administrator, was present alongside António Godinho, who is also an Onebiz Group Administrator, and affirms that “more than a brand, we are a network of people, of excellent professionals, and that is what makes all the difference when satisfying clients.”

The highlight of the convention was the awarding of Acountia’s units, having been given awards in Marketing, Best Costumer Service, Evolution and Best Office. These awards had very specific criteria such as the inquiries made to Acountia clients, the monitoring visits and the conversations kept between Acountia Master and its Partners.

In the Marketing area, the Acountia Braga unit distinguished itself for its contribute and initiatives in the 2015 Marketing campaigns and the availability shown in

helping the network. Ricardo Cerqueira, the unit partner, confesses that “it feels good to get this award by the end of 7 years of work and I share this award with all the team and with some partners that have accompanied me during this work”.

The Best Costumer Service award, based on the feedback received from the inquiries made to the clients, was awarded to the Acountia Saldanha unit. The unit’s partner, Ângela Ferreira, says that “it is a big surprise for me and my colleagues getting this award because it was the first time these inquiries were made to the clients, and, although we work hard every day, we never know if our effort is being compensated and, for that, we are very thankful”.

The criteria for the Evolution Award was established by comparing the statistical data from last year and the office that has grown more in terms of clients, invoicing, human resources and client satisfaction has been Acountia Amoreiras. “It is the third award in 6 years, which is a good average, and our work this year has been very good in terms of day-to-day progress and we feel that, at the same time, we’ve been treated with much respect and have been more supported”, say the partners.

Finally, the Best Office award was given to Acountia Damaia, being based on the good practices and organisation of the office, the collaboration that they have been giving to Acountia Master and to the rest of the network. Guilherme Lavos, the unit’s partner, said that he “wanted to extend the award to the rest of the team and thank the support that Acountia Master has given us. We have felt some changes in the way we are being treated during this year, as colleagues, as friends, has partners, and it is on this new relation that we base

our future and our positioning as an excellency market player”.

Antonio Godinho concluded that “effectively, the progresses and improvements showed in the network have been a combined effort between the units’ colleagues and, mostly, an effort shown by the Acountia team. Without the synergies and cross-selling between the Master and its Partners we wouldn’t have achieved such positive results and, for that, I would like to thank the collaboration and presence of all the Acountia members”.

During the afternoon, a motivational speech took place, having as speakers Vitor Baía and Paulo Futre. The day ended with a synergy of knowledge and positivity to face 2016.