Acountia at Franchise Business Festival
23 of June , 2017

Acountia will participate in the largest annual economic and commercial event in South Africa, Franchise Business Festival, which will take place on 30 th on June until 2nd of July.

A Acountia brand of Accounting and Management Support, is betting on internationalization, with a strong market focus in South Africa, that has a strategic importance because it is the financial heart of Sub-Saharan Africa, and a reference in terms of management and finances for countries like Angola and Mozambique where the brand is already presente.

This participation in Franchise Business Festival aims to continue business expansion, this time on South Africa. According to Cátia Barros, Acountia’s Director, “similarly to what we have been developing, our aim is to explore international opportunities through direct communication with potential franchisees and master franchisees, able to continue our great project of internationalization”.

“Therefore, Acountia’s bet at international level has been steady, with the company being present at events and fairs, increasingly focusing on relations with markets with high growth potential. According to Cátia Barros, “There is a very strong Portuguese presence in South Africa and it was a very strong weighting factor to move to this region. The second factor has to do with the fact that they are markets that still have large room for improvement and high rates of economic growth”.